Saturday, February 27, 2010

Part 2- VMWare

You need VMWare 6.5x Full

1. Start up VMWare 6.5x

2. Click File->Menu->New Virtual Machine

3. Check "Custom (Advanced)", hit next

4. Just hit "next"

5. Select 'I will install an operating system later'

6. Choose Vista from guest OS

7. Type windows 7 in the virtual machine field and hit browse

8. Create a new folder for windows 7 on drive C:/ and hit save

9. Use however many CPU's you have (Dual or Single)

10. Select how much ram you want to use

11. Hit do not use network connection

12. Just click "next"

13. Hit use a physical disk (advanced)

14. Choose "physical drive 1" and choose the correct partition

15. Click browse and locate the windows 7 folder created previously and hit "save"

16. Uncheck "power on" virtual machine

17. Under commands hit "edit this virtual machine"

18. Select hard disk and hit advanced
-Select independent and presistant

19. Select CD/DVD and browse to .iso file for windows 7

20. Remove floppy drive, usb controller, and sound card

21. Power on Virtual Machine and begin install
--Press f2 to change order to boot from cd/dvd
--Make sure to format the drive you will install to during installation
--Be patient, this installation will take well over an hour or two. Possibly 3 or more.